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how it works ?

Where do emails come from ? For each search, we run an advanced algorithm that will analyze the web in real time. First, we target social networks (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ...). Then each website publicly visible on the internet.
What is the quality of emails ? Depending on the keywords chosen, these coupled with our powerful algorithm, we will look for the emails that are linked to them.
GDPR and scraping ? This tool is perfectly legal. We do not store any email. We do not use any private database. All emails are publicly findable on the internet.
The GDPR law requires that each email sent, without prior authorization from the person, has the following information:
- the purpose of the email;
- who are you;
- where did you find his email;
- as well as an unconditional unsubscribe link;
Neither Scrappr, nor TiTooL, nor any of its founders and / or third parties can be held responsible for your actions.